Belmont Schoolwith its year-round program, is specifically designed for children, ages 18 months through 6th grade. Our program averages 181 - 182 school days between September and May.  We strive for a special event at least once a month.

We stress the fact that the environment belongs to the children and we encourage them to take care of the materials. Every piece of equipment has a special place on the shelves.  It is very important to the order of the child's environment that equipment and other object/activities are always put back in the proper place. We feel that this emphasis on order helps create an orderly mind as well.

We also stress independence.  It is always important that the child be encouraged "to do for himself" as often as possible. As a child builds his independence, we also see a corresponding growth in self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth.

Studies have been accumulating since early 1960 showing that children do best in school if their lives between birth and 1st Grade have been filled with a wealth of gentle, appropriate learning experiences. Recent research indicates that such experiences actually change the structure and functioning abilities of the brain. These experiences can make the brain itself better and smarter for the rest of a person's life, whatever the genetic endowment.

An innovative use of the Montessori material is being used at the Lakewood location in conjunction with "normal" students and Alzheimer's patients. We found this approach to be very successful for both the students as well as the patients.

About Us
Our Staff
Betty Swanson  Owner-administrator of Belmont Schools since 1973.
  Bachelor of Music Education awarded 1950 from Bethany College at Lindsborg, KS.
  Teacher at Kansas City, MO Public Schools from 1951 - 1952; 3rd grade.
  Teacher at Mount Vernon Illinois Public Schools from 1957 - 1958, 1st grade.
  Teacher at Shawnee Mission Public Schools from 1959 - 1969, Music, 1st - 6th grades.

Hal Swanson:       Owner-administrator of Belmont Schools since 1985.
  Bachelor of Science in Accounting awarded 1976 from Kansas State University.

Karen Swanson Co-owner and Director of South Location. 
  Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  
  AMI Montessori Certification awarded 1983 from Avila College.
  Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction awarded 1994 from University of Missouri
  at Kansas City.
  Teacher with Belmont Schools since 1983.
  One year teaching experience at a parochial school.

Lianna Trumble:    Director of Lakewood Location.
   Bachelor of Arts in English awarded 1976 from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.
   AMI Montessori Certification awarded 1979 from Avila College.
   Teacher with Belmont Schools since 1979.

 . . . for the best start in life