I was referred to Belmont Montessori from one of my high school friends.  After meeting Mrs. Karen Swanson and her staff, I decided that Belmont would be a great school for my children to attend.  My sons, Kingston and Mason have attended Belmont Montessori School since they were 2 1/2 years old.  Now they are 5 and 6.  My sons look forward to going to school in the mornings.  When I pick them up in the evenings they are very excited to tell me about their day.  My sons are being exposed to various subjects and they are loving school.  Belmont was a great choice for my family and Mrs. Swanson is a wonderful, caring teacher.  I would recommend Belmont Montessori School to all families with children 2 1/2 years and above.

Bethany Blackwell

My sister Sonja Hayes actually told me (Pedenia Evans) about Belmont Schools after her youngest daughter enrolled her son Jeremy, Jr. into the school 2 years ago.  I had been looking for a long time and praying on a school that was similar to a home school environment with smaller classes and with much patience.  Belmont Schools under the leadership of Mrs. Karen Swanson has been a Godsend.  In the summer of 2016, my great nephew Jayden Evans was officially enrolled as a student on a part-time basis, he is now attending full time and has adjusted quite well.  My great nephew Jayden has learned to recognize the alphabet and counting numbers, he understands there is a certain way to recalling numbers without stumbling and getting frustrated.  He is considerate of others now that he has to share other kids with 2 adults.  Jayden is usually the only child in his home at one time.  He buttons up his own coat and prepares himself for pickup after school.  He is more steady in his movement of getting things done.  He will take the initiative and start on his homework and will get it done with a little help from myself or his great grandmother Ola Evans (Grady).  I know that Jayden will move into the first grade with ease since Mrs. Swanson will be at the helm of Belmont Schools.  Mrs. Bledsoe is a great asset to the school too, she fits in just right with the school's agenda.

Pedenia Y. Evans. 

Belmont School has helped my daughter blossom tremendously.  She has attended Belmont School for 2 years and I'm still amazed at the amount of knowledge she has gained.  My daughter has grown socially, mentally, and developmentally.  Belmont School offers a safe and personal learning environment.  The small class size allows her to receive the one on one learning, disciplined structures and life building skills.  The childrren at Belmont School are respectful, accountable, honest, and maintain integrity.  My daughter is not only learning the bare minimum, but above and beyond what is expected.  Belmont School has changed my daughter's learning experience and allowed her to learn without all the distractions and obstacles of public schools.

Topaz Greger 

Belmont is a hidden gem in our community.  I chose this school because I wanted a small classroom environment with hands on teaching.  Mrs. Karen Swanson is a great teacher & lets my son excel at his own pace.  In Pre-K he started taking spelling tests and has taken them ever since.  Invest in your child and they will amaze you.  Each day I'm amazed by his wealth of knowledge & overall development.

Shannon Hoskins

My daughter Melody Adams has been going to Belmont for the past two years.  From day one, Melody has been welcomed with open arms and each year I've noticed her growth.  She is ahead of the learning curve and I have Mrs. Karen Swanson and her staff to thank.  I recommend this school to anyone who wants to see an educational growth in their child.  Belmont has been a blessing to my family and I'm grateful to have found them.

Sharon Johnson

My son is very active, bright, and loves to learn new things.  The Belmont School challenges him and he has been developing socially, emotionally, and academically.

Tiffany Lee

Belmont Montessori School is a top-notch academic institution.  Mrs. Karen Swanson & her teaching staff provide a nurturing yet structural environment that allows for optimal learning for our children.  When I made the decision to return to work full-time, 4 years after the birth of my first & only child, finding the best fit was highly important.  I saw other preschools that put the children in front of the TV or in a playroom all day, basically just keeping them entertained while the parents were at work.  I didn't want that experience for my child.  Instead, I wanted her time and my money not wasted.  I wanted her to  receive the best education I can give her and that's exactly what we found at Belmont Schools.  In the few months that Charlotte has been in attendance, I've seen her blossom into a respectful, mannered child with an increasing desire to learn.  I'm genuinely impressed with the progress I'm seeing in her throughout not just academically: from learning to color within the lines, to tracing letters, to counting, to putting things in order, to following instructions, to learning patience, to colors, to respect for not only others (including classmates, teachers, parents, etc.), but also for herself, to compassion and empathy for others.  She truly does receive a well-rounded education at Belmont Schools.  Mrs. Karen Swanson and her team at Belmont Schools daily communicate about my daughter's progress, future events, and anything & everything pertaining to my child's education.  We work together as a team to provide a safe and loving school environment for my daughter.  I personally recommend Belmont Montessori Schools for your child or  children's academic beginnings.

Kimberly Ryan 

To Whom This May Concern:

We chose Belmont Schools for a few reasons.  One is the school location.  The school is less than 6 minutes from our home. This is very convenient for us and anyone else in the family that may need to pick our daughter up for us.  Another reason is it's affordable.  In these times, a good education you can't put a price on.  The first years of your child's life are important learning years.  I want to know my daughter's foundation is good and solid.  My most important reason for choosing this school is that I've had several family members attend as a child and our 10 year old son attended Belmont when he was our daughter's age, 3 years old.  Mrs. Karen Swanson is wonderful with the students.  She is very professional and personable.  She' like a 2nd Mother for the kids.  You can tell she loves them all and wants what is best.  Our son who attended is now in 2 programs with his current school that is  far more advanced in learning and arts.  I believe that by us choosing Belmont for him in his early years helped get him to where he is now.  I am 100% sure my daughter will excel with what she will learn and is learning now as well.  I would recommend Belmont Schools to anyone looking for a good education for their child. 

Robert and Keisha Stinson

Belmont Montessori School
11327 Hickman Mills Dr.
Kansas City, MO  64134

To Whom It may Concern:

What a blessing it has been for our child to attend Belmont Montessori School.

Belmont School was recommended to us by a family friend whose son attended this school and is currently a senior in high school.  We were told at the time that their son received an excellent education from teachers who really cared.  We have found this statement to be absolutely true.

Our daughter has been attending Belmont for a little over two years and is currently in the first grade.  Not only is she receiving an excellent educational foundation, but she is also learning the benefits of being responsible, working hard and developing leadership skills that will be with her for a lifetime.

We owe this all to her wonderful teachers (Mrs. Swanson, Mrs. Kristmann, and Mrs. Vann) whom we cannot thank enough.  It is evident how much they love what they do and how much they truly love the children.  We thank God for them.  

David and Kim Richardson

My daughter Tyonna has attended Belmont Montessori for two years now.  She loves it!  She came from a daycare facility, and of course wasn't learning much.  When I was looking for the appropriate school, I came across Belmont.
Instantly, I had memories of my little sister Savannah attendig preschool here.  I remember picking her up and how happy she was and how much she was learning.  She always counted in French for me.  Belmont has been great for my daughter and my family.  I always recommend Belmont to all my friends.  I plan to keep Tyonna at the Grandview location until 3rd grade.  Thank you Belmont Montessori for giving my daughter the best education possible.

Monique Whatley

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